My first new kit car build for 20 years



Sonic7 Build Time line

Many people ask how long did it take you. I'm not an hour counter as some are, and I look upon the process of building a car with pleasure rather than a chore, and I am probably someone who enjoys the challenge of the build almost more than the use of the product at the end.


The project being very much one of the first of its kind, therefore no examples other than the factory demonstrator for me as a builder to draw on. Would indicate that my build time could be improved on, but as a realistic guide to other builders, I would suggest that if you were to allow 1 month from acquiring your donor, to strip, source, modify and refurbish all the necessary donor components, the car should be easily moving under its own power within 3 months from receipt of kit subject to the builders specification and of course free time to build the kit. For my part I used 10 days holiday taking either a Friday or Monday off in order to give me a long weekend and as many weekends as my family would allow. I find this method far better than taking a 2 week block off as any builder knows you can waste an awful lot of time trying to source/order components, gain information and try and decide how best do things.


                First decided to build a new kit car                                   December 2007

                Look into which one to build                                                (Early) 2008

                MEV Factory Visit                                                          22nd May 2008

Start Financial Commitment

                Purchased Donor Car                                              27th September 2008

                Ordered Kit                                                                5th October 2008

Start Kit Build

                Collected Kit from MEV                                             21st November 2008

                Engine Run                                                               16th January 2009

                First Drive                                                                    1st March 2009

                SVA Test                                                                   27th March 2009

                SVA Retest and Pass                                                      29th April 2009


                DVLA Check and Approval                                                28th May 2009


Although many individuals and company's have assisted me in the build I would like to acknowledge, thank and give special mention to the following:-

  • The Staff at MEV ( for their support, time and patience, that they have afforded me. They are certainly not a company that would leave you to fend for yourself once you have paid your money.

  • 'Rally Design' ( for their support technical advice and prompt delivery.

  • 'Car Builder Solutions' ( for their speedy supply of all the hard to find little bits and pieces.

  • My local scrap yard. 'Clwyd Breakers' of Ruabon for letting me run riot and scavenge all the best bits,

        and finally,

  • My family for their continued patience and support.






BUILD Part 1

BUILD Part 2

BUILD Part 3




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Last updated:- 25th August 2009


My first new kit car build for 20 years