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My first new kit car build for 20 years



Kit Selection


I decided to start my search using a simple set of criteria:-

  1. Ease of Construction – within my limits

  2. Within a budget of 6~7k

  3. Utilising modern day reliable engineering – engine/gearbox, suspension,brakes and electrics

  4. Making maximum use of one donor vehicle

  5. Something that will stand out in a crowd and be viewed as new and imaginative

  6. Provided an exhilarating yet controllable driving experience

After considerable investigation I arrived at a short list of two cars, the:-

'Sylva - Riot' and the 'MEV - Rocket'

It was with my criteria firmly in mind, that while attending the Stoneleigh kit car show this year, I took the opportunity to study in closer detail the two cars that I had short listed.

Following discussions with both manufactures, and having sort independent advice from Adam Wilkins, the Features Editor at Complete Kit Car, a respected journalist who has not only built and owns an Sylva Riot, but who has also had the opportunity to review and test drive the MEV Rocket.

It was with much excitement, that I was fast coming to the conclusion that the MEV Rocket was for me, I immediately arranged a test drive/factory visit at MEV's facility in Mansfield to confirm my decision.

My Factory Visit



It was a most enjoyable experience and Stuart Mills, Director of Mills Extreme Vehicles gave me the confidence, that I probably needed, that the project I was fast embarking upon was well within my skill level. I had planned to make this a winter project as I am lucky enough to have a heated garage, well the house boiler is located in the garage and the Summer months are a very busy time for me.


Over the remainder of the year I keep in contact with MEV and attempted to glean and understand as much as I could about the car without committing any money. I think that to some extent, even though I had explained my plan to Stuart he was fast forming the opinion “is this guy for real and ever going to buy one of these?”

Then came the first spanner in the works to my well laid plans, MEV announced the launch of a new model 'the Sonic 7' and I was left not knowing whether I had made the right choice. Fortunately for me MEV were planning to launch the Sonic 7 at the Stafford Kit Car Show and I had already planned to attend as the Donnington show had been cancelled.

At first sight I fell in love with the Sonic's Look, while using the same donor and engineer solutions of the Rocket, it provided a higher degree of practicality for our beloved British weather, with body coverings and MEV's planned development of a 'proper' windscreen hard/soft top configuration. I was SOLD.





BUILD Part 1

BUILD Part 2

BUILD Part 3




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My first new kit car build for 20 years