My first new kit car build for 20 years




Milton Keynes 2009 (23rd August 2009)



Having returned home the previous weekend from my annual 2 week vacation with the family, I was once again itching to enjoy driving and showing my car, so on the spir of the moment I decided to attend the Milton Keynes Car Show ( on the Sunday, and rather than do all the driving on one day, split the journey into two.



 So thanks to Jason's offer of a couch I set of to Peterborough via Sandy from North Wales. Then up early on Sunday morning to drive to Milton Keynes for 9.00am, the Show Entry was free for show cars of special interest, and one of the most prominent position on the show ground had been allocated to the 'allcarclub' contingent consisting of Jason's V8 Dakar, my Sonic7 and Kevin's V8 Mutant 'a rose between two thorns springs to mind'.


The God's smiled down upon us and we experienced a wonderful day of weather and as is the norm for MOG owners, the inevitable party games commenced, various weightlifting competitions and balancing acts, and while a tug of war competition between the 4x4 contingent was discussed, the local cricket team was unwilling to give there permission to use the crease. (spoil sports)


The trip ended with a 3 hour drive back to Wales the majority being in glorious sunshine with only the last half hour being in the drizzle, one becomes accustom to the rain living in Wales. Whilst the journey to sum may have appeared crazy 462.4 miles in 24 hours to attend a small car show in the even smaller village of Deanshanger just outside Milton Keynes, to me it was all about the drive 'what's the point of building a car like this you don't use it'.










BUILD Part 1

BUILD Part 2

BUILD Part 3




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My first new kit car build for 20 years