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My first new kit car build for 20 years






It's been 20 years plus since I last owned a kit car, when during the Christmas break of 2006 I was reminiscing with my partner about the fun I used to have building and driving kit cars with my friends. When my good lady enquired what I would like for my birthday, jokingly I replied “a kit car ?”, after what seemed like an age she replied “OK”. Surprised at the enormity of the gift, I enquired “why the generosity?” Her rather taught response being “ if your going to have a mid life crises, then I'd rather you have a toy car to keep you occupied, than a younger women”.

Being unable to find fault in her logic and having effectively been given permission, I purchased, a couple of months later, an Eagle P21 (Mk 5 Dutton) christened 'Kermit' by the kids due to its British racing green gel coat and pronounced headlights.


The car was in need of some considerable TLC, but had been correctly registered and was running. This providing me with a suitable platform to rekindle my youth, and as far as the misses was concerned 'get it out of my system'. I have pretty much rebuilt the car over the time I've owned it, but I have always managed, while undertaking the work, to attend most of the major kit car shows over the last couple of years and have covered some 5,000 miles without a single brake down.



Before going any further I would like just to take a minute to thank all those good people that we have encountered at these shows, both kit car owners, manufactures and the show organizers for the exceptional hospitality that they have shown to both myself and my partner. It's had the effect, that my partner has now become such an enthusiast, that I have to share the driving. Why is there always a negative to every positive ?

Although the Eagle P21 enabled me to relive some of the pleasures of my youth, it also brought home to me the enormous advancement in technology within the automotive industry over the last 20 years.

The thing that struck me most about the current market, was the continuing dominance of cars based on Colin Chapman's Lotus 7. Although I am very fond of design and have built or been involved in the build of several Dutton's and a Dax Rush in the past, I did not wish to cover old ground and do another 7.


I also felt the styling of many of the current offerings had hardly evolved at all. Along with the fact that many are still being build with donor engine and gearboxes from cars designed and produced in the 70's or 80's, this being partly due to the complexities and associated costs of meeting the new environmental emission regulations.


Some enthusiasts have as an alternative used motor cycle power units, which while providing fantastic performance on the track, I remain unconvinced to their suitability for everyday general road use.

Having effectively rebuilt the Eagle P21 and becoming once again hooked by the dream of building my very own kit car I persuaded the misses to allow me to embark on a new build. Thus the 'Hunt Was On' for something of a modern 7, a car with fresh new styling and up-to-date engineering that used a mass market modern donor power plant at its heart. 





BUILD Part 1

BUILD Part 2

BUILD Part 3




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My first new kit car build for 20 years