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My first new kit car build for 20 years




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In order to more clearly document both Build and Ownership of the Sonic I have reorganised the table of contents to my web site.


Key events since my last update are:-

  • The Expansion of a MEV Owners Group (MOG) Web Forum

  • CKC / Omex Llandow Trackday

  • Stafford 2009 Kit Car Show 

  • Stuart Mills Licences out the Sale and Manufacture of the Rocket, Atomic and tR1ke out to

  • Evolving web site







Paul Holmes, Liam Wilkinson and Leighton Norris (collectively known as Road Track Race Ltd) have now officially taken over the Rocket project. Paul will be the main contact for all new Rocket purchasers. There were a number of reasons for this change. The Rocket has sold in vast numbers and is continuing to do so. The Sonic7 has been hugely successful. This massive increase in workload combined with Stuartís continued commitment to developing new vehicles, meant that we needed to find a new home for the Rocket (wow, that was a recession beating paragraph!). We have no interest in expanding the workshops or taking on extra staff as we are very happy with a small operation. MEV owners know if they ring, Stuart will invariably be available to speak with them instantly. We donít want this to change. Paul is full of enthusiasm for the Rocket product and being based in Nottingham means itís easy for us to support him during the coming months, he has in house chassis making and fibreglassing facilities and bucket loads of experience in all aspects of the car industry. Paul is very keen to take the Rocket to wider audiences. Paul was exhibiting at Newark, and for the rest of í09 he will be at Stafford, Exeter, and MPH London and Birmingham. Paul can be contacted on 0115-9780677 or MEV has a team of fibreglassers and an excellent chassis maker producing Sonic7ís which will continue to be marketed and sold from our Mansfield workshop.


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My first new kit car build for 20 years



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